Coronavirus (कोरोना वायरस ) Kaise Shuru hua? How do corona virus started in easy english

How did the Corona Virus start?

Coronavirus(कोरोना वायरस) was started in the city of China called vuuhan (वुहान) in the mid of December of 2019. A lot of people started suffering from pneumonia without any reason and the most locality or the area where it was found to be near the seafood market. It is also found that most of the peoples were selling fishes and trade in the seafood business in the market found to be suffered from the Corona Virus (कोरोना वायरस). The Chinese have found some sort of uncommon disease that was not discovered before and they have first given the name as 2019-nCoV . Later this not only found near the seafood area but it becomes common in other areas too. It is still a mystery that it was first spread-ed through the seafood market or not.
On 20 January 2020, the premier of China li keqiang (ली केकियांग) took some precautions to control coronavirus and not making it spread further.


Coronavirus(कोरोना वायरस)

Coronavirus ( कोरोना वायरस)

Till 2 March 2020 around 3050 people are already died due to Coronavirus In china. But some rumors also saying that China is hiding the actual figures from the world and actually more people died. It has been estimated that as of now 88000 peoples are in the scrutiny of coronavirus.
As of 8 March, there has been news coming around the world that some peoples were also becoming good, normal and fine after suffering from this disease.
This has created almost 30 X the demand of coronavirus mask along with sanitizers. Prices of the mask has already become almost 15 times as they were original.
There are two types of mask mainly
N95 and surgical.
A surgical mask is usually for not long duration and costs a lot cheaper than the N95 mask.
In India, you can get a surgical mask for around 10 rupees to 40 rupees each. And on the other hand N95 mask cost around 200 to 350 rupees each. Typically you have seen surgical mask when doctors do surgery in hospital. They are commonly seen in hospitals before.
Coronavirus started to spread its wing all to the other parts of the world.
Coronavirus has been spread and killed almost 200 people in Italy as of 8th march after topping up China.



Coronavirus(कोरोना वायरस) sabse pehle kaise pata chala.
Coronavirus (कोरोना वायरस )Kaise Shuru hua?
How did coronavirus start?


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