Google Play Store Free App Campaigns (January 2022)

Google Play Store is the primary source for Android users to install apps. In other words, it is the official app store of Android. Sometimes there are free game and free application campaigns with a total value of up to 1000 TL. For this reason, it is necessary to follow the Google Play Store campaigns closely.

Google Play Store free games and free app campaigns are usually at the discretion of the developers. Developers use this way to draw attention to their work. When you install a free application on your account, you can download it again for life as long as the application remains active.

11 Apps Worth $21.89 Free

If you are an Android user, you should not miss the Google Play Store campaigns. Once an app or game becomes free, you must add it to your account immediately. The following 11 apps with a total value of $21.89 You can have it for free for a short time.

data defense google play store

Data Defense

Data Defense is a strategy game with a regular price of $4.99. You have to perform tower defense in the game with a minimalist structure. For this, you must use certain defense mechanisms in your inventory. These defense mechanisms will help protect your system from a range of bugs and virus attacks.

In the game set in cyber space, you need to make a quick decision to defend your system. You can protect the system by using defense programs that you will place in strategic locations. In general, your aim should be to play the defense as quickly as possible.

Install Application: Data Defense

the lost ship google play store

The Lost Ship

The Lost Ship is an adventure game with a regular price of $3.99. You strive to discover the secrets of the lost pirate ship that was dragged to an island many years ago. Your goal in the game is to go on a treasure hunt, and in order to do this, you need to move forward by clicking on the items.

Legend has it that the lost pirate ship has an enormous treasure. In order to discover this treasure, you have to deal with various puzzles. Since the ship has a very different structure, you must act with the utmost care. You can test your focusing skills in the face of puzzles that get difficult from time to time.

Install Application: The Lost Ship

alice beyond wonderland google play store

Alice Beyond Wonderland

Alice Beyond Wonderland is an adventure game with a regular price of $ 1.99. You must strive to discover the mysteries of the fascinating world called Wonderland. You must find the place where the notorious queen has banished your friends. You can do this with the tips you collect.

Once you find your lost friends, it is up to you to ensure that they can return home. You must accompany them by solving puzzles. The fate of your friends is in your hands. You must set the queen’s goals and make her fail. For this you need your puzzle solving skills.

Install Application: Alice Beyond Wonderland

cytus 2 google play store

Cytus II

Cytus II is a music game with a regular price of $1.99. You play the game in accordance with the rhythm of the music. You live in a time when people are redefining the evolution of the internet and internet connections. There is a mysterious but legendary DJ who emerged in such a period.

People are sick of this musician’s style. He uses music as an irresistible force. It is said that this mysterious DJ manages to reach the depths of people’s souls with every note. He decides to give a big concert one day. You have to go along with the rhythm to put the dust into the smoke and entertain people.

Install Application: Cytus II

oil rush 3d naval strategy google play store

Oil Rush: 3D Naval Strategy

Oil Rush: 3D Naval Strategy is a strategy game with a regular price of $1.99. The game takes place in a world where nuclear war has melted the ice. You have to make a variety of decisions that have global impact. In the game, you always have to act by thinking one step ahead. That’s why you need a variety of plans.

Your goal is to dominate the last remaining oil resources in the world. For this you will have to fight the armies of other states. You will strive to be victorious in the endless war in a dimension where military technology has reached the highest level. That’s why every decision you make is very important.

Install Application: Oil Rush: 3D Naval Strategy

word connect pro google play store

Word Connect PRO

Word Connect PRO is a word game with a regular price of $1.99. The game is a word search game but focuses directly on English words. It will help you in the best way if you want to learn new words and improve your vocabulary. You can save your progress in the game and then continue where you left off.

There are various options in the game such as getting the best score in 240 seconds, getting the best score in just 25 moves, finding words with more than 4 letters, finding 25 words and gaining 5 extra seconds for each word found. To select words, simply swipe your finger on the screen.

Install Application: Word Connect PRO

a-2481 google play store


A-2481 is an adventure game with a regular price of $ 0.99. The most important aim of the horror-themed game is to scare you as much as possible. There is a journalist whose mind is filled with remote control of the human brain. This journalist struggles to reveal the experiments in a secret military bunker during the USSR period.

He finally discovered the clue he was looking for, but he needs more. The corridors of the military bunker are dark and rather gloomy. Even wandering through abandoned and terrifying rooms is enough to be frightening. Before you meet the surprises waiting for you in the shelter, you will want to get away from there as soon as possible.

Install Application: A-2481

college days winter break google play store

College Days – Winter Break

College Days – Winter Break is a role-playing game with a regular price of $0.99. You are a student at a highly respected school. You have finished your first semester at school and are on a half-year break. You will be able to make new friends and new enemies during the holiday. Of course, you can even attend various parties and find the love you are looking for.

Every choice you make in the game will affect the course of the story. For this reason, you can try to think a little bit about each option that comes your way. In addition, the ski resort where you spend time has a very important secret. It is entirely up to you to reveal this secret. But mystery hunting may not be as easy as you think.

Install Application: College – Days Winter Break

dementia book of the dead google play store

Dementia: Book of the Dead

Dementia: Book of the Dead is a role-playing game with a regular price of $0.99. You will travel to England in the medieval period. Filled with knights, hunters and witches, there are various hidden secrets from this period. Your job as a mercenary is to fulfill the bishop’s request.

You will go towards a town that can be considered quite a slum. Here you will find yourself in a place full of ghosts and demons as you wait to encounter a witch. The game will test you with various facts. While you think you will make an effort to fulfill a simple task, you will struggle to survive.

Install Application: Dementia: Book of the Dead

mental hospital 3 google play store

Mental Hospital 3

Mental Hospital 3 is an action game with a regular price of $ 0.99. You make a pretty ordinary introduction to the story. A psychiatric hospital will be raided by special forces. Basically your task is to videotape this raid. Even if it seems pretty easy, things will get messy and you will make mistakes at the very beginning.

By the time you got to the scene, the special forces had already staged the raid. As soon as you step into the hospital, the scenery you will encounter will cause a deep wound in your mind. It is now up to you to escape from here or be a prisoner here like the other residents of the hospital.

Install Application: Mental Hospital 3

terra fighter 2 pro google play store

Terra Fighter 2 Pro

Terra Fighter 2 Pro is an action game with a regular price of $0.99. Your goal is to participate in duels against dangerous street fighters and be the winner. You can use various weapons and face dangerous enemies. To become an expert in a martial art, you must train yourself.

Only the brave are the ones who will survive. In your adventure as a warrior, you must strive to find the heart of evil and destroy the army it has created. If you wish, you can consider facing deadly enemies and putting all your fighting skills to the test.

Install Application: Terra Fighter 2 Pro

Past Google Play Store Campaigns

Below you can find many of the Google Play Store free game and free app campaigns that have been held in the past. Campaigns may continue in some of these applications. Below is only in 2022 and beyond There are apps included in the Google Play Store free campaign.

Google Play Store Free Game and Application Campaigns
Application Name Application Type Application Price
Star Launcher Prime Application / Personalization $1.49
NABOKI Game / Puzzle $0.99
Word Gram PRO Game / Word $1.99
Prepositions Test PRO Game / Educational $1.99
Antonyms PRO Game / Educational $1.99
Superheroes Junior Premium Game / Action $0.99
Dungeon Corporation S Game / Role Playing $1.49
Fire Free Fall Pro Game / Arcade $2.99
Thymus: Rounded Dark Icon Pack Application / Personalization $1.99
Milky Launcher Pro Application / Personalization $1.49

To remind you again, the campaigns of the applications and games listed above have normally ended. But sometimes the developers may continue to run their campaign, or we may have overlooked that the campaign is ongoing. Therefore, we recommend that you check the application to see if it is free.

Google Play Store free game and free app campaigns are updated weekly. Details about active campaigns are specified and past campaigns are listed. In some cases, the campaigns of the applications that we have declared to be free may expire. In addition, since we calculate the application prices in dollars, there may be regional differences.

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