How to make 5 to 10 thousand rupees a month sitting at home from Google in Hindi

How to make 5 to 10 thousand rupees a month sitting at home from Google in Hindi

“google see paise kaise kamaye” ? 😊
If I say to you that you can earn money from Google by doing simple works then how will you react?

Maybe you will react that I am mental. Isn’t it
I am not joking.
How will you react when I say that you can work from home in Google company. Will you make fun of me?
Yes, I am not joking you can get an online job from Google and you can achieve your dreams. Google provides a lot of opportunities for people sitting at home to make money online. Content marketing and video blogging are also picking up a lot of speed nowadays which can give you one opportunity.

Earning from Google has a lot of ways one of the ways is to write an article. Earning through Google is not a limited opportunity you can earn in huge amounts.
Today I am going to tell you how to become a partner and make money with google.
These are the ways

  1. Google AdSense
    2.Youtube video creator
    3.Google ap engine
  2. Search engine evaluator
    5.Google opinion rewards
    6.Blogging or website

Google AdSense
Earning through Google AdSense is a nice way to make money online. thousands of publishers are making a good chunk of money with Google AdSense
Google is an advertising program for Webmaster for bloggers or youtube publishers. Almost all programs of Google AdSense pay you when a visitor Clicks on your ads. Similarly, if a viewer views your YouTube video then Google pays you. On 1000 viewers you can get 2 to 5 dollars.