Huawei Watch FIT Mini is on Sale in Turkey

Huawei Watch FIT Mini, which went on sale globally in September 2021, was put on sale in Turkey. We can say that it is remarkable with its smart watch features, which have a very stylish design. As the name suggests, Huawei Watch FIT Mini is a smaller version of a previously released model.

Huawei has refreshed the Huawei Watch FIT, which it launched last year, which is slightly longer than other smartwatches overall. In fact, while many were waiting for the Watch FIT 2 to be announced, the Watch FIT Mini was launched. The most important feature of this new smartwatch is that it is smaller than the previous model.

Huawei Watch FIT Mini: Small and Stylish Smart Watch

Huawei Watch FIT Mini 51.5 x 25.9 x 11mm has dimensions. These dimensions are the smart watch. 26mm reveals that. 20 grams The front screen of the smart watch is glass, the back is plastic and the frame is aluminum. In addition, the clock Pressures equivalent to 50 meters depth (5 ATM) it is durable.

The screen of the Huawei Watch FIT Mini AMOLED type. 1.47 inches The screen has a resolution of 368 x 194 pixels and is approx. 282 pixel precision (ppi) has density. Smart watch Huawei Lite OS works with Storage solution eMMC It is not possible to upgrade storage space externally.

Huawei Watch FIT Mini in terms of connections only Bluetooth 5.0 and LE has support. your smart watch accelerometer, gyroscope, heart rate and SpO2 such as sensors. If the battery 180mAh worth Li-Ion is featured. The device has fast charging support and 2 days of use in 5 minutes (manufacturer’s claim) presents.

Huawei Watch FIT Mini gold color It has a body. If the band colors are White and Brown is in the form. The band material is leather and these bands can be changed optionally. This smart watch from Huawei From 1.200 TL in Turkey offered for sale.

Huawei Watch FIT Mini Features and Price

If you want to learn the features and price of Huawei Watch FIT Mini from a single point, you can take a look at the table below. You should remember that the information in the table is limited to important features. For detailed features, you can review the previous title.

Huawei Watch FIT Mini Features and Price
Screen 1.47 inches
368 x 194
Storage eMMC
Operating System (OS) Huawei Lite OS
sensors accelerometer
Heart rate
Battery 180mAh Li-Ion
Weight 20 grams
Price 1.200 TL

Apart from these, Huawei Watch FIT Mini has extra features such as women’s health services, more than 300 watch faces, stress monitor, more than 90 activity modes and personal assistant. Technically, it is compatible with Android and iOS devices. In this way, you can pair with smartphones with the operating system in question.

Huawei Watch FIT Mini and Other Smart Watches

Huawei Watch FIT Mini has succeeded in presenting the standard features in a thinner and more usable structure. This smart watch has some outstanding features compared to other smart watches on the market. By taking a look at these features, you can see what gains you can achieve compared to other smart watches (average data).

  • Battery in normal use 14 days enough. Average of other smartwatches 8 days is in the form.
  • Screen size average of other smartwatches 1.39 inches while the screen size of this smartwatch is 1.47 inches is in the form.
  • Case thickness 11.04mm Compared to other smart watches (average 11.81mm) it is thinner.
  • Water pressure durability to 50 meters functions as well, and this is higher than the average of other smartwatches.
  • Weight of smart watch is 20 grams and other smart watches (average 47 grams) it is lighter.
  • Height 25.91mm height compared to other smart watches (average 44.33mm) is lower.

This is how the Huawei Watch FIT Mini smartwatch stands out compared to other smartwatches. If the features you are looking for are somehow related to them, you can choose it. For example, if the ability to offer 14 days of use on a single charge is the kind of feature you are looking for, Huawei Watch FIT Mini should be among your purchase options.

The Huawei Watch FIT Mini actually offers relatively more interesting features than its larger version. If you want the smart watch you will use to be a little thin, you can evaluate this device. You should not forget that the price of the smart watch, which is offered for sale at 1,200 TL, may change over time.

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