Start your own business with 10000 rupees only and earn 50 thousands income per month

If you are planning to run your own business then you should read this article. We will tell you about one business where you can invest 10000 one time and start making 50000 per month income.

Adding To your Knowledge government has started the motor vehicle act.

After implementing this act pollution testing center business has increased to a large extent. If you do not have a certificate of pollution then you have to pay 10000 Rupees as a fine. For that reason, people are renewing their pollution certificate in a very short amount of time.

Case u can open a small pollution testing center in can make a good amount of income.
You can earn from the first starting day of the business.

You can open this business with a very small investment and you can start making money from the first day. From and estimate earning who are in the pollution certificate business people daily from 1000 to 2000 rupees per day around 30000 per month you can easily earn.