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Wifi Hacking is something that everyone wants to learn but it is not so easy task as it looks. Hacking is defined as the process used in weakness and trying to exploit the system and get into it. Hacking is unauthorized access to a system or a computer without the permission of the user.
Hacking is basically 2 types.
Ethical and Unethical.
Ethical means hacking is used for Ethical for safe purposes for the betterment of the society but unethical it is for malicious or bad purposes.
So today I am going to show you some apps for software that you can use to hack into the system on any connected Wi-Fi.

Today I will tell you some popular wifi hacking apps which you can use to get into anyone Wifi network with a blink of an eye

● Aircrack
● AirSnort.
● WireShark. …
● Kismet. …
● NetStumbler.
● CoWPAtty.

It is a Wi-Fi network detector and a password breaking tool. It is a software that you can install on your desktop or laptop and can easily break and get into someone’s Wi-Fi network or device.

It consists of a different type of password breaking algorithm which can easily break simple passwords of Wi-Fi. Of course, timing depends on the complexity of the word in the password used. If the password is long and difficult it will take more time to analyze and get into. it is best supported for WEP and WPA cracking. this software can be run on different types of operating systems such as Linux Mac OS Windows OpenBSD and FreeBSD.

Hack wifi password

The original developer website is
This software is on top of the list in good Wi-Fi hack apps. you can monitor all the packets, export and transfer it to the text file that you can use with any third-party tools.

Kismet (APP)( good tool for wifi hack)

Kismet is a network detector and intrusion detection software that is used to hack Wi-Fi desktops and other connected devices. .It is best used and well made for 802.11 wireless local area network connections.
It is widely supported by OS such as Linux, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS and as well as NetBSD and OpenBSD.
It is made in such a way that its ends and connect by sending packets to detect wireless networks within a particular range.
It is widely and already used in a number of commercial and open-source projects.


Which is the best?
There are a lot of apps or software on how to hack Wi-Fi. these all are used to break the Wi-Fi password. also, their functions are different it up to some extent, I mean it does not always the same, one app uses the method to detect and break Wi-Fi but all do the same purpose.
You can get some more apps doing the same purpose namely
● AirSnort.
● WireShark. …
● NetStumbler.
● CoWPAtty.

You can use any app for breaking wifi password listed above but you need to select the one which is fastest and take less time to break the encrypted password.

I quoted you the best popular app to get into someone’s PC without letting them know! But It can lead to some serious trouble if you get caught so try it at your own risk.


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